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    Aqua 2M Ecostyle Special Offers:

    The quality of the water purification products offered by Aqua2M Ecostyle allows us to offer, for 5 days, free of charge in your home or at the office, the possibility test a water purification system.

    affordable package

    Affordable Package

    This package is recommended for household consumption.

    System price and maintenance costs are very competitive.


    Household Package

    This package, in addition to the above system, includes a water dispenser with cooling and heating systems.

    Dispenser dimensions allow its installation on the kitchen countertop.

    business Package

    Business Package

    This package is addressed generally to businesses in all fields that are connected to the public network of drinking water.

    deluxe package

    Deluxe Package

    This package is addressed to offices, medical offices, etc.

    The filtration system is the same, but the dispenser has a modern and pleasant design.

    For more information related to the filtration system, access the section filtering ยป
    water dispenser Dispensers

    Water Dispenser / Water Cooler

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    Water Filtering

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    Water purification sytems we offer.

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