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    Water is life.

    AQUA 2M team understands the importance of this and came up with an easy but efficient solution for purifying drinking water right at your home or office.

    For our expert team, your health is a priority, so we provide water purification devices that fulfill the following tasks:

    anti-microbianAnti-microbial effect.

    rețin ruginaRetain rust, sand, any mechanical suspensions.

    rețin nitriții și nitrațiiRetain nitrites, nitrates, chlorine residual.
    (substances which consumed over the years, have irreversible effects on our body, causing even death to children)

    rețin mirosurile neplăcuteRetain unpleasant odors and tastes.

    răcire și încălzireThe devices are disposed with two systems: cooling and heating.

    Our offers

    Choosing the solution offered by the Aqua 2M team, you will substantially reduce the acquisition costs of drinking water.

    The only thing required for the installation of water purification is the water system within the home or firm.
    They require only cleaning and changing filters according to the degree of use.

    Choose our solutions and see for yourself!
    The quality of water purification products offered by Aqua 2M Ecostyle allows us to offer, for 5 days, FREE OF CHARGE, at your home or at the office, the possibility of testing a water purification system.


    That is our business card.

    With over 8 years expertise in water purification, Aqua 2M Ecostyle has acquired a good reputation for the quality of products and services.

    Water Filtering

    Filtering Highy precision filtering
    Water purification sytems we offer.

    Ask a price offer!

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